Sunday, September 28, 2008

A CT Wedding & A KD Reunion

Last weekend Eli & I went up to CT for the wedding of one of my best friends from high school.  She actually married another friend of ours from HS so it was quite the reunion wedding!  

They were married in the church that they both grew up attending in our hometown and then it was off to the Stamford Yacht Club for the reception.  The wedding was beautiful...excellent job Alex!  The bride & groom arrived in style via boat along with the rest of the wedding party.  Here are some of the highlights of the evening:

First Dance

Gettin' crazy with the DJ mic...although it wasn't turned on! :)  Probably safer that way

Our "Prom" pics

3 Generations, so sweet
Eli and I stopped in NYC on the way back to PA and had brunch with Angie, Sandi and Nat.  It was so good to see them, especially out in my neck of the woods!  I wish we could have spent more time together!


The Cliftens said...

pretty wedding!! It was so good to see you too. I miss you! We will definitely need to spend some more time during the Holidays..maybe play a little Spring Break?? :)

Chris, Erica, Avva, & Alle Kinnersley said...

What a great weekend for you! What a beautiful wedding.

Mauri said...

hey fav! just wanted to stop by and say hi! you look terrific!

Hartley Family said...

We miss you guys! Eli looks so skinny!!! Does he not have time to eat? :)

Unknown said...

Oh girl I miss you something terrible! I totally thought of you when we were at Disneyland! I'll call you back so we can catch-up!

Love you guys!

Unknown said...

p.s. you look GORGEOUS! Skinny and blond!

Rochelle said...

What a beautiful wedding! It was good chatting the other night. Need to catch up again soon!