Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rocky Mountain Runner's High

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So this past weekend I went back to Denver to take care of some things with our house and see my friends....but most importantly run one of my 20 mile runs with my old running group Runner's Edge.  Many of you know I am training for the Marine Corp Marathon, which is just 5 short weeks away, but I thought what could be better for my training then doing 20 at 5280!  Gotta love the mile high city!  It was a blast and I did some of my favorite things I love to do in that city and I didn't even realize that I had missed so much!

The afternoon after our 20 mile run Becky, Rachel and I went to the Brown Palace to have High Tea.  I LOVE tea at the Brown Palace!  When I lived in Denver this was almost a monthly occurrence and anyone that came to visit it was a must on the list of things to do.  

They have so many wonderful little tea sandwiches, fresh scones with devonshire cream, a variety of delicious desserts and an endless tea selection to choose favorites are the herbals of course!

Becky and Rachel being oh so proper...pinkies out ladies!
Here is a view from the upper balcony.  As you can see people dress up in their best with their Sunday hats to attend.  Tea is served in the hotel lobby so you are surrounded by the beauty of Denver's oldest and most prominent hotel.  Eisenhower actually held his election headquarters from this hotel and most recently the Clintons stayed here during the DNC.
The highlight of the trip was finally getting to meet Becky's baby girl Ella.  She is the CUTEST thing I have ever seen!  So smiley and happy!  I was especially excited to see the finished nursery since I helped Becky paint it just before I left and I never got to see it finished with the furniture and of course the best addition, Ella actually in it.  It is so cute Beck!  I love it but of course I am biased!
My last night in Denver we all went over to Michelle's house and she made us the best dinner!  I love going to her house, good food, love the hot tub and definitely great company.  Thank you Michelle for a wonderful evening.  I really miss you guys!
I was also able to see our dear friends Carl & Camille and their sweet kids Jack & Marianne.  Jack and grown so much, I couldn't believe it!  What a difference a year makes.  Marianne is so sweet, just a few months old she is a little mini me of her mom, so beautiful.  Carl was a part in Eli's decision to go to law school and since he just graduated in May it reminded me that my husband won't be in school forever and I will have him back all to myself soon!

I had such a fabulous weekend.  It was so good to see so many people that Eli and I love so much and I will always have a special place for Denver in my heart!  Thanks for having me Beck, it was just like old times again! Come visit me in Amish land soon!


Becky said...

How funny! Your friend BECKY named her girl ELLA?! That's our #1 name right now! It's not Ella Rebecca is it?!!!!!!!!!!!

Your description of the tea food just make me really hungry...

Gretchen said...

Way to rock out those 20 miles girlfriend! We're one week out from our marathon!

How fun to go back to Denver! I'll have to remember the Brown Palace for tea next time!

Becky said...

AHHH! I miss you! Come back!