Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Baby Einstein

Ok, first I have to say I am sorry that every post now is Gwyn, but I can't help it...I am OBSESSED with her!
So Eli and I don't let her watch tv (BabyWise says...for those that don't know BabyWise is my other obsession and what I credit to Gwyn sleeping through the night at 6 weeks...that tv for little ones before a certain age is too stimulating for their little nervous systems and can affect their sleep, etc.) but since she turned 3 months we thought it might be ok to let her watch Baby Einstein every once and while.
So this is a pic of Gwyn kicking back and watching her first Baby Einstein, which by the way she kept looking at Eli like "um, I know this isn't what you watch, cut the crap, this is for little babies and I am a big girl!"
Anyway, this is from his phone so it is kind of grainy but you get the idea...she is HYSTERICAL! Plus this really gives you a good side shot of her Mohawk and no I don't comb it like that and no it won't go down, it is out of control!


Becky said...

I've heard that too about TV but we popped in a Baby Einsten when she turned 6 months and I couldn't believe it but she LOVED it! She squeals and flaps her arms around every time the bumble bee comes on the screen!

The Cliftens said...

The hair! I love it. Ok, I started Babywise yesterday. I need to call you this week so we can discuss..

Christine Mains said...

Owen's hair stuck up for the longest time, Confession..I never wanted it to go down, I think I cried when his hair finally tamed down.
I cannot wait to see how your hair dressers does Gwen's hair. I'd love to take all of the boys to an amazing hair stylist. They were blessed with Gorgeous hair, and a mom who only knows one kind of hair cut (clippers).

Unknown said...

wait...her hair looks like Jim's! No wonder why I love it so much!!

Gretchen said...

LOVE IT! That hair is awesome. I too, was obsessed with Babywise! It's the best thing ever!!