Friday, October 9, 2009

4 months!

So E took Gwyn to the doctor on Wednesday for her 4 month appointment and of course that means shots! Part of me was relieved that he had to take her this time and not me. She really is such a good girl and only cries for about a minute after they give them to her but nonetheless, it is heartbreaking! But as sister the doctor says, she has to have them!

Sorry no pics this time but I just thought I would make note of her stats: she is in the 60% percentile for weight, 90% percentile for height and 95% percentile for her head! She is long and lean and according to these stats an orange on a toothpick, but it doesn't look that way since she still has plenty of biteable rolls, thank goodness for mom since I just want to eat her up everyday!

No wonder her onesies barely button and the neck comes down to a smiley face, time to buy some extenders!


tiff said...

She has a head like Logan's!!! He grows out of clothes because I can't get them over his head and not because of his body.

Gabe and Mallory Veenendaal said...

I can't believe that she is 4 months old already! She is so adorable!
P.S. The big head must be a Veenendaal thing- Avery has to wear 6 months bigger clothes so we can get them over her head too!

Christine Mains said...

Love the stat.'s.

One of my twins heads was so big, it was off the charts. Gotta love love charts. I think it was Sean (his head is always bigger than Isaac's).

I don't think I found so much humor in a doctor's office.

The nurses were shocked, and said that they must of measured wrong, and then they measured again...same results.