Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Husband!

I just love this picture and I had to share it! It is one of my favorite pictures of him when he was little. Look at those cheeks, that bib and that blond hair! Oh I just love him, so cute!

Hope you had a wonderful day, I know we did! Love you!


Anonymous said...

I love this picture too. You know what is funny and I never noticed it before is my Mom in the background with her plaid shirt and TOTALLY frizzy permed hair. LOL.

Gabe and Mallory Veenendaal said...

Happy Birthday EV! We hope you had a great day!
Love ya,
The Murray Veenendaals

Rochelle said...

so cute! Okay I hate that I can't link to my page from yours! So are we friends or what?! jk

Rochelle said...

I seriously love this picture. Love the bib! miss those. So, thanks for letting me know we are still BF's! Thats more of a compliment that you actually type in the ol bloggety blog, ha ha!;) Miss you guys! Hope we can see you over Christmas. Have a great Thanksgiving! And I am so glad you love the blanket. I love soft cozy blankets and Connor is obsessed too.

Jessica said...

He is darling. But I need more pictures of Miss Gwen!!

Unknown said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Mr Eli!

We miss you guys so dang much! Are you coming out for Christmas? We will be here until Christmas day so maybe we can see you really quick?? Let me know!

Also for a little Christmas gift I want to makeover your blog for you! (You mentioned that you wanted that right?) That will be so fun! I'll email you!

Love ya and miss ya girl!

SSBenjamins said...
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