Saturday, July 12, 2008

July 4th Weekend

Eli and I went out to UT for the 4th and it was definitely a needed break.  We saw tons of friends & family and basically ate ourselves sick! Love the strawberry cake mom!  

We were up in Park City at my parents and we got to see the new colt that one of my dad's horses just had a few weeks ago.  His name is Chicks Poindexter (yeah the breeding names are so random and funny) but we call him Dex.  He is the cutest little guy.  So sweet and curious. Horses are so funny, they are these huge powerful creatures but they are just like people. So social and really loving.  Mary is a great mom and it was so cute to see the two of them running around together.  

What started out as a hobby for my Dad is quickly getting out of control...he is 6 horses now with another on the way!  If anyone wants a ride the next time I am in PC just give me a holler!

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Becky said...

SO CUTE! And WHY haven't I ridden these mysterious horses yet?!